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Everyone just needs to get their Ya-Yas out sometimes. You know, get together, drink some beers, talk music and politics, solve the world's problems, or just rant and rave. In Pan Bimbo we excel at this. We even find time amidst the revelry to play some music. Being a side project for the members, there are no lofty music industry ambitions here. Note our motto.

The beauty of this is that we don't have to worry about our direction, our marketability, our cultural relevance, or really anything at all. We just get to have some fun, play some tunes that we like, try out some different styles (to various degrees of success), and throw in a bit of old fashioned song-smashing ® for good measure.

The grand scheme for our shows is that we will play a set of music of our own choosing, mostly instrumental originals and covers, and then we will have a guest singer/songwriter who we will back up for the second set. So far we have done this several times and it has been wicked fun. We're looking forward to luring more victims into our web of horrors.

We had a blast recording an album backing up A.J. Bush last year. It's called "Ballads of Glory and Good Intention" and you can find it at www.localsonline.com. Our first show featured A.J. and we're hoping to schedule another one with him as soon as possible.

The guys in the band have been around the Oregon music scene for a long time and we've all known each other, more or less, for years. But aside from Mike and I, who played together in a couple of different bands, this is the first time we've gotten to play together on a regular basis.

ned failing

Ned Failing, "The Instigator", played drums for The Strangers, travelling around the country for much of the 90s, and is now playing with Lea Krueger as well as other Portland acts.

Nate Query, our bass player extraordinaire, put in his road time with Calobo and is now playing with The Decemberists, The Jeff Trott Band, The Stumptown 3, and God knows who-all. He's a busy man.

nate query

mike walker

The irreverent Mike Walker plays a mean game of pool as well as a mean set of keys. Mike and I played together first in the Eugene band Mission District, and then in The Renegade Saints. It had been quite awhile since we'd done much jamming so it's good to have the opportunity again.

Then there's me. You don't need to know about me. Mind your own business!

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