Had a great time working with Jim and the folks at Mississippi Studios on the Saints live album.

Tony is a world class Banjo player and a monster on the Slide Guitar. It's been a blast playing with him and his band and touring the country. Check him out!

24 Tacos

Damian is one badass bass player and I've been fortunate enough to play with him in the Tony Furtado band.

damian erskine

Ned's a killer drummer who I met back in the good ol' days when he was playing with the Strangers. Now I get to play with him all the time. See: Lea Krueger, Floydian Slips, Pan Bimbo, The Renegade Saints..

The Nedster

Nate Query is an old friend from the road-doggin' days when he played with Calobo. Post-Calobo, he ended up with his finger in a hundred P-town musical pies and I got to play with him in Pan Bimbo. Now he's off touring the planet with the Decemberists


I'm a big fan of Jerry and the Jackmormons. No one can really touch these guys on a hot night in a smoky bar. Go see for yourself.

Jerry Joseph

My blood brother John keeps writing great songs with intelligent and provocative lyrics interesting changes and puts them on top of his band's killer grooves. Go...

file photo, couldn't resist

Ah, the Velvet Voice of the Northwest. Whether it's with her own band, Shelley James Musicbox, or with one of the other projects she gets involved with (like The Floydian Slips), she never fails to satisfy.(that's right, I, too, get to play with talented and lovely women sometimes!)

Shelley James


It's true.

Stephen Ashbrook is a hell of a rootsy singer/songwriter and a great guy as well. He does a weekly gig on Wednesdays down at the Greenroom in NW Portland.

Stephen Ashbrook.

Bass player extraordinaire I used to play with in Dave Coey's band The Tremor Guild. You can ow catch him in RyeHollow.

Chris Chard

Former member of The Strangers and, most recently, of Kerosene Dream, my friend Bart is now fronting his own band and cranking out some fine new tunes as well as some of his classics.

Bart Ferguson.

Recent honorary Bimbo, Dave Andrews, is a damned fine feller (and I'll take a polygraph on that). He's also a damned fine singer and songwriter, co-founder of the NW band Calobo, and solo artist.

Dave Andrews.